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Born from a well-established favorite frozen treat (Lindy’s Homemade Italian Ice), Froot Jooce® 100% Frozen Juice aims to bring the MMM to places away from home. Because, you know, keeping Italian Ice frozen in a lunchbox ‘til noon just isn’t realistic.

So, to keep everyone from having to pack their lunchbox full of ice too keep their Ice icy – we created a new and better way to get delicious, fruity Italian Ice at school, work, or as a delicious treat while in the hospital.

It’s made with 100% fruit juice! In fact, one serving is the equivalent of 1/2 cup fruit, which provides 100% RDA of Vitamin C. Plus, there’s no added sugar, no allergens, no gluten and most flavors are 100% natural with no artificial color or flavor. All of those no’s equal two big YES’s! YES, it’s good for you – and YES, it’s good.

Two more things to boast, and we swear we’ll stop. 1) We proudly source our ingredients in the states, making it 100% produced in the USA. And, 2) It’s packaged in clear, 100% recyclable plastic cups.
Contact Person:
Marie Nelson

903 Country Club Drive
Marshall, MN 56258

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[email protected]