Voice Recognition

MdSNA Executive Board

MdSNA Elected Officers

President, Cody Wilt

President-Elect, Eric Goslee

Vice President, Cherie Cotsonas

Past President, Megan Doran, SNS

Secretary, Cherie Cotsonas

Treasurer, Kathy Kim

Education, Kaitlin Fraer, SNS

Legislative-Federal, Mary Klatko

Legislative-State, Barbara Harral & Mary Klatko

Nutrition, Nicole Leveron

Executive Board Committee Chairpersons

Advertising, Jodi Risse
Advisor, Julie Fletcher
Awards & Scholarship, Pia Puertellano
Budget, Kathy Kim
Certificate & Credentialing, Karen Olsen
Convention Chair 2024, Eric Goslee
Handbook & Bylaws, Eulalia Muschik
Historian, Eulalia Muschik
House of Delegatges, Kaitlin Fraer
Industry Advisor, Mike Birkmeyer, Dane Emery
Industry Invited Guest, Al Fuentes
Industry Bookeeper, Michele Switzer
Legislative - Federal, Mary Klatko
Legislative - State of Maryland, Barbara Harral & Mary Klatko
Marketing & Public Information, Jodi Risse
Membership, Tracy Newbold
Newsletter, Michele Switzer
Nominating, Megan Doran, SNS
Parliamentarian, Mary Klatko
Sunshine, Cherie Cotsonas
Treasurer, Kathy Kim
Ways & Means, Brenda Ream & Amber Timmons
Webmaster, Mary Klatko