Voice Recognition

SNA Celebrates 75 Years

July 21, 2021

The School Nutrition Association (SNA) is celebrating its 75th anniversary! As a valued member of the Association, we are proud to share this organizational milestone with you. Thank you for being a vital part of the rich history of SNA and the school nutrition profession. 
That SNA has marked its 75th year during a global pandemic is the ultimate example of how this organization—and the profession it represents—triumphs over and over again in the face of trial. Its signature resilience has never been so evident. SNA’s remarkable longevity is rooted in the unwavering focus of its leaders, members, volunteers, Headquarters staff, allies and industry partners on its core mission: Feeding children nutritious meals at school to help them grow and be best positioned for lifelong success. 
We are excited to share a new digital booklet, A Brilliant History of Serving Kids, which highlights just a sampling of the achievements and challenges experienced by SNA over the last three-quarters of a century. We encourage you to take your time in reading it—learn more about SNA’s distinguished history. Share it with your team with PRIDE in your profession! 
Just like a diamond, SNA is still sparking after 75 years! Today, we celebrate a generation of leaders who continue to raise the bar, demonstrating remarkable strength, creativity and spirit. And we applaud you—and all of the stars in school nutrition who prove that SNA’s legacy rests in good hands. In addition to our special digital booklet, we have compiled all of our 75th anniversary interviews with pioneering trailblazers, current champions and rising stars from the past year of School Nutrition into a commemorative companion piece, Reflections on a Brilliant History of Serving Kids, that we also encourage you to download and share.  
Special thanks to our industry partners General Mills Convenience and Foodservice, Heartland School Solutions, ITW Food Equipment Group and Cool School Cafe, whose generous support made this publication possible.