Announcing the Innovative Solutions Showcase!
Starting 8/3/2020 and ending on 8/4/2020
Event Groups:
• Maryland School Nutrition Association - Professional Development

Wondering how you will determine what new products, service, or pieces of equipment you will need for the upcoming school year without the benefit of visiting the Annual National Conference Exhibit Hall? SNA has you covered!

Announcing the new Innovative Solutions Showcase! We will be offering up to 12 virtual industry presentations per week starting on August 3 & 4, and registration is FREE for SNA members! These presentations will be similar to the Innovative Solution Sessions we offer at the School Nutrition Industry Conference (SNIC)—space will be limited to just 50 participants for each session to allow the opportunity to ask questions.

We understand that despite these uncertain times, school districts still need to place orders for product, services, and equipment. This is your opportunity to be introduced to new products, services and equipment and interact with industry representatives without the time and expense of travel.

We will be using the Zoom platform for this exciting opportunity and the showcases will be hosted in 3-hour blocks, two days a week (Monday and Tuesday afternoons). Each showcase has 6 different companies in each timeslot from which to choose. There will be a total of four timeslots on each day, and each is 30 minutes long. Check out the companies we have lined up for Monday, August 3 and Tuesday, August 4!

Remember, space is limited, so don’t hesitate to reserve your spot.
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