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School Nutrition Seeks $2.6 Billion In Covid Relief

April 23, 2020
School nutrition programs across the country are under financial strain as they continue to serve meals through school closures, and they want Congress to include them in the next round of aid.

"We urge Congress to provide $2.6 billion to mitigate a portion of the estimated, significant financial loss that school nutrition programs have and will continue to experience," reads a letter to key appropriators that's circulating. Signatories include the School Nutrition Association, Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and the Urban School Food Alliance, which represents large school districts. 

Greater costs, same reimbursement: "School meal programs chose to keep workers employed, deliver meals to students with no additional reimbursement, and expose staff to the coronavirus with little to no funding for proper personal protective equipment," the groups write. "Many maintained fixed expenses such as salaries while taking on unanticipated expenses such as hazard pay and transportation."